Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Signed up for a nrew session of training but stressed

I finally used up all of my training sessions and signed up for five more. I think having someone come up with new routines keeps you so much more interested in going to the gym. While I am still only getting into the gym around 2-3 times a week, I feel like I am making huge progress. I still haven't lost any weight at all, in fact I have gained a pound, but I feel great! I can tell a huge difference in the body fat content of my butt and thighs and my muscles are starting to show definition. Funny though, my belly fat of course has not gone anywhere and if anything, seems to have gotten bigger. I do feel more slim and trim through my waist area, but that gut is still there. I feel like my pants are actually a lot tighter now, in the gut area and in the thigh area but the thigh area is because my thighs are getting super muscular. I know belly fat is the last thing to go so I am being patient but I hate to have to go up a size in pants:( I need to get my fat percentage measured again because I feel like my back fat and leg fat has really been shaved down quite a bit. I actually wore shorts twice last week and that is saying alot! I won't wear shorts unless my legs are quite tone! I haven't even been wearing shorts to the gym, even though it is super hot in there!

Now to the stressed part. Well, Tony is laid off again. We have no clue how long this lay off is going to be but I am super stressed. Last time it took three weeks for his unemployment to actually kick in and we can't go that long without income. I did pull our show entries for June and will not enter the July show or regionals in August at this point to try and save money. Unfortunately, we have been very naughty with our credit card and it has a bit of debt on it and i think that is what is bothering me. We have bought many concert tickets with it and I have been using it to get the business started up so it is a bit more full than I would like. I think what scares me the most is that we both have older vehicles with tons of mileage that could or couldn't konk out at any moment and both of us commute to work so we couldn't get by with one car. Tony has been very lucky to have a shop vehicle but companies everywhere are doing away with shop trucks so I have been holding my breath that they won't take his away. You can't imagine the savings we incur with him not having to use his own vehicle anymore or having to pay for gas. I think someone told me that they figured it up and they were spending an extra 10K a year to commute with their own vehicle and gas! YIKES! I commute 20 minutes but his commute is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Anyway, we are trying to ease into tight budget status and hoping unemployment comes quickly. Tony has been busying himself with projects around the house but of course everything he wants to do will take some money. We have money built up in savings but it still scares me that this could take a while. What is weird is that the job was picking up so we are super puzzled as to why they got laid off. Oh well, I will never understand that whole industry and how the union works and such. Just going to give this all up the Lord, he has always taken great care of us and he has never ever given us too much to handle, even when tony was laid off for a whole year. We always manage!