Tuesday, October 26, 2010

updates galore

Okay, been keeping my agility blogs updated, need to do a better job here. Well, I am happy to report that we got new gutters on the house and all of the water issues we were having have gone away! We have had several really good long rains since we put the gutters in and the basement and upstairs window have stayed dry! I am so excited to have figured out this issue and wish we would have done so sooner. Tony also ripped out the bathroom skylight and roofed over it. We left it un-insulated for a while to make sure he got everything sealed tightly and we have had 0 leaks so now he just has to find the time to insulate it, dry wall over it and then of course we will have to repaint the whole bathroom. I am so bad with colors so this should be interesting! We still haven't ordered a new skylight for the bedroom. Oh yeah, we decided to keep this one a skylight but go for a real skylight, not a plastic bubble. We have a real skylight in the dining room and it is beautiful and doesn't leak so we will try this approach for the bedroom as well. Oh heck, I guess we will have to paint the bedroom too. Another color choice, ICK! Anyway, we may just have a paint a thon because we have paint now for the guest room and are still debating about what color to paint the living room. I am guessing when the weather turns crappy and we are stuck in the house, the painting will occur. My stepdad is coming out for thanskgiving so many projects will probably start then as well. Tony is going to need help with the skylight as I am afraid of heights and will not be on the roof at all. I am hoping we can get that ordered and they can work on that while he is here. I also hope we can get the trim figured out for the bathroom window too. It looks so yucky with trim and the framing and we can't put the old stuff back on since it is damaged. Of course that means changing the trim on the other window, but oh well. Poor tony, he has so many projects on his plate!

We also recently got a dining room table made. I had been looking at tables for while and never seeing anything we liked. Well, we took a trip to Paxico and found a guy that makes tables and he made us one to our specifications. It is made of KS maple and it looks antique and I love it. It has benches instead of chairs and i was a little concerned about that, but they push up under the table, thus saving a ton of space. It really fits the room and is the perfect shape and lenght. It was well worth the money we paid for it and he made it very quickly so we could have it for thanksgiving. I hope to work with this guy to make more furniture in the future and possibly teach tony how to make furniture as well.

Last update. Well boo hiss, I have gained a ton of weight. I haven't been exercising other than training my dogs and walking to and from my car to work. I just haven't been motivated, haven't cared. I keep trying to recall those feelings when I worked out of how great I felt and how great my clothes fit. Unfortunately, lately, I just haven't cared. Been eating out most meals, just don't care. This is all going to bite me in the ass in the end. I am already barely fitting into my jeans, had to go up a size or two just to be comfortable. Tried on new clothes, couldnt' fit well into any thing or any size, almost cried then said fuck it. I just don't care right now. My biggest thing right now is working my dogs. I come home, either eat or go to the field or vice versa. I don't care what goes in my mouth as long as it fills my belly. Tony has virtually stopped cooking at all. It is a very dangerous and unhealthy habit of convience we have both come into. I hate the way I look right now, figured the comments from my relatives would be enough to bounce me back to reality but it didn't. I wish I could get out of this habit. It is not good for either of our bodies or our health. Tony is bigger than he has ever been and so am I. I am at least up to what I was in CO although I have been afraid to weight. My clothes tell the story. I need to just start walking again and go from there. Being at nationals motivated me to run all out and I was sure out of breath every run. I need to get back into shape, should probably get back with my private trainer. BLAH!