Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I forgot to mention that this last week was my first week of running with no Ipod or music.  I am trying to transition over to not having to depend on music to get me through a run.  I am really happy to say that other than my zone 2 run, I felt like it really didn't bother me to not having music playing.  I will try and continue this trend.  Based on when I get off today, I will either do sprints or my 45 minute zone 1 flat run.

Breakfast-before strength training I had a granola bar and a few sips of diet coke.  After work out, I had two eggs scrambled, two pieces of bacon and a cup of coffee with peppermint mocha in it.



Today was very hectic.  I had my last session of classes to get done and a 50% chance of rain.  YIKES!  I think i looked at the weather channel 1000 times yesterday and sent out 100 emails!  Needless to say I didn't get much proper eating.  Stress and then no time really got me last night,

Breakfast-two eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of bacon

Lunch-Chick Fil A chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and honey mustard.  Yep was super stressing

Dinner-a power bar and then at 11 when I finally got home, some tortilla chips and salsa with a cup of decaf coffee with some of that peppermint mocha stuff.

Didn't get to run at all.  Guess this will be my day off.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Back feels okay right now.  Am planning on running later today.  Am teaching some private lessons today so we will see how it feels afterwards.  Am going to call one of the local chiros that does ART tomorrow and see if they can get me in soon. I have one more week on my current schedule and then we will start a new schedule.  I have a vacation coming up the 28th-nov 4th so not sure if I want to run that week at all because we will be in new orleans.  May just take some of that time off:)

Breakfast-didn't have enough eggs and had 0 bacon so had to eat a granola bar and of course went back to my old ways and had a coke zero:)

Lunch-again had no time.  had a protein bar (power bar i think)

Snack- a hand full of trail mix

Dinner-beef ribs, beans that were baked, french fries, a beer

ran my 55 min flat with 8 accels today.  It went surprisingly well.  No issues except I ran too far out and had to walk back for about 30 minutes.  Was worried my hubby would be worried but football had him glued to the tv so he didn't even notice how long i had been gone:(

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Got to sleep in a little this morning.  Cat still woke me up at 3 but managed to get everyone back to bed and sleeping.  Slept till 8 am on and off thanks to my hubby not keeping the dogs down stairs while  I tried to sleep.  They played king of the mountain using me as the mountain several times.  Am going to try and run today, back feels okay.

Breakfast-2 eggs scrambled, two pieces of bacon, coffee with some creamer that taste like peppermint mocha (notice no diet coke;)

Lunch-diet pepsi;) a roast beef on sourdough with swiss cheese.  Three pretzles(the bigger chunky kind) with some hot mustard.  1 pumpkin pie doughnut from the new doughnut shop in aggieville.  It had cream cheese icing.  Delicious!!!!!

Dinner-diet sprite a very small pork chop and some asparagus.  Hubby tried cooking the asparagus with just water and sea salt and it tasted really, really good.  Had a coffee with some of that peppermint mocha after dinner to warm up.  Am freezing right now for no reason.  Did have a banana for desert to get that sweet tooth happy.

Ran today and totally bonked.  Ate at 12:30ish and tried to run at 4ish.  Apparently food wasn't digested enough or something as 1.75 miles in had a horrible stitch and had to walk a quarter of a mile.  Started again and my back starting hurting so called it quits.  Really hate zone 2 runs, never been successful with them.  Thought by running on the track, I could get a good sense of where i was time wise with my miles.  My warm up mile took me 11 minutes and my first mile of my zone 2 run had one quarter at 2.28, one quarter at 2.30, one quarter at 2.28 and then had to walk a quarter which took 4.15.  Tried to get started up again and ran a 2.14 and then my back started hurting.  As I was cooling out, my quad, which hasn't bothered me in FOREVER also started hurting.  I think I need to stay off the track.  I see this on surfaces that have more give, like alot of turf places we run with the dogs.  My body doesn't like that much give and apparently my body does not like cork tracks.  I am very disappointed as this doesn't help my mental game with zone 2 runs.  I only technically got 15 minutes of hard running in and that is about 25 minutes short of what I wanted:(

Friday, October 14, 2011


Up early this morning and a little grumpy.  We have an indoor/outdoor cat that starts transitioning to indoor during the winter.  Well, she has decided the past couple of mornings to get up around 3:30-4 am and play.  That wakes all the dogs up and of course that is when the accidents happen.  Got them all out to potty but I guess stella had to poop and when we came back up to the bedroom, she pooped twice while I was trying to get some more sleep.  Plus they play the in the bed out of the bed, in the bed out of the bed game.  URGH!  Was determined NOT to get out of bed till the alarm went off and stuck to my guns, even though i had to clean two piles of poop up.

Breakfast-two eggs scrambled, two pieces of bacon and gulp coke zero with vanilla:)
Lunch-a chicken bacon panini with some swiss cheese. I did eat a few chips.  Diet pepsi
Dinner-a few bites of pulled pork, one chicken wing and one chicken leg.  Some sort of mac and cheese.  A little tiny candy bar that tony bought for halloween candy.  I had a beer but only drank a few sips.  Just not feeling it tonight, think it is more habit.

Today's run is the zone two run.  I really struggle with this run and think maybe the most i have ever been able to really stay in zone 2 is 25 minutes.  Today i have to do 40 minutes of zone 2 running.  I think this is a mental issue that i just need to get over.

Update-did not run tonight.  Back started spasms this morning.  Iced all day when I was sitting.  Got home thinking it was better and as soon as I did stuff in the backyard, it started again.  Iced and advil tonight.  If it is still bothering me tomorrow, will go to my chiro and get it worked on. I am sure it is due to stress, had to deal with a very stressful situation last night.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Strength training class this morning was awesome as usual!  Very sore from tuesday, pecs were burning yesterday as I was running.  I LOVE class though!

Breakfast-a granola bar before working out and eggs and bacon post work out, coke zero with vanilla

Lunch-a small bowl of mushroom stroganoff with beef mixed in and a small bowl of tomato bisque soup, diet coke with lemon

Dinner-half of a lettuce salad that had maybe a sprinkling of cheese.  Dipped my fork in salad dressing (ranch) maybe a couple of times for taste.  Ate half of a rib eye (12 oz), lean but did have quite a few steak fries and dipped them in the leftover ranch:(  Habits are hard to break!!!!!  Did have a beer but only one.

Did 55 minutes of hills tonight and felt GREAT!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Need to get the long run in today that I switched out for sprints yesterday.  Going to be cutting it close, have alot to do today at work and have puppy class tonight.  Felt really bad this morning when I got up so i didn't eat eggs and bacon.  Stomach was not happy and I just felt overall like I was trying to come down with something.

Breakfast-granola bar

Lunch-Panda Express-steamed rice and an order of the sweet and fire chicken.  I think there were a total of  5 small pieces of chicken so it wasn't much but my stomach wanted the rice anyway so that is what I ate.  Fortune cookie and a diet mountain dew.

Just got done with my 55 minute easy run and it was probably the best run I have ever had.  Not sure why, just was in the zone despite the very stiff cross wind that sometimes had me running in place.  Felt like I could have kept going and going and going.

Dinner-Not good.  Tony was late getting home and we had to go straight to puppy class.  Strangely enough, I wasn't dying of hunger at 8 pm at night.  Took some trail mix and had maybe a quarter of a cup.  Afterwards we went to noodles where I was going to get some tomato soup.  It was closed:(  The only other option there was long john silvers.  ICK!  Fried, fried, fried.  Not something I wanted at 9:00 pm but guess what, I ate it anyway.  One piece of fried fish, one piece of fried chicken and then some fries. I felt disgusting afterwards.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Strength training this morning YIPEE!  Haven't decided if I am going to run today or take the day off since I did sprints yesterday.  Could take today off and run tomorrow.  Anyway, I missed class.  I skip the leg stuff and just do upper body and core.  I know I will be sore since I have had two weeks off since the last class.  Dogs decided to wake me up at 4 am so I am seriously wanting to lay back down but I also am seriously craving my eggs and bacon.  Weird how my stomach now wants breakfast:)

Breakfast: a granola bar before i worked out.  After I worked out, eggs and bacon (2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon)

Lunch-3 inch chicken salad on wheat, small bag of baked lays, diet dr. pepper

Dinner- a few tortilla chips and chunky salsas.  A small mexican pizza that i made that had a tostado shell, refried beans, meat, and cheese with salsa on top.  Also one small taco with just meet and a small amount of cheese

Snacked on candy corn, maybe had 20 total.  Harley ate the entire bag while I was gone so I guess I don't have anymore to eat now:(

Monday, October 10, 2011


Was suppose to do a 55 min run today.  Toilet overflowed in upstairs bedroom and morning was a mess (literally) so had to go to work late.  Ended up having to run after I set up for class and barely had anytime so opted to do sprints today instead.

Breakfast-eggs and bacon, diet coke
Lunch-quarter cup of trail mix, 8 oz of protein shake
Dinner-more trail mix, diet sprite and a granola bar
Snack-had  little bits of candy corn all day.  Will be happy when halloween is over and this devilish delight is gone!

I teach on monday nights, three classes back to back so am busy from 5ish till 10ish.  I try to eat but i don't always get to.  Need some more portable food to take with.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Okay so I am trying to recreate my diet in from my head today.  I was very naughty and I stress ate alot.

Breakfast: granola bar Nature's Variety fruit and nut, diet coke
snack-handful of trail mix
lunch-two cheeseburgers from mcds, medium fries, sweet tea (the food was disgusting, not sure why i even ate it)
dinner: hubby crock potted a pork roast and cooked corn, black eyed peas, and sweet potatoes

after dinner cocktail-two beers

Didn't run today, was planning on it but was going to run when i got home.  Brakes went out on van, was super duper stressed and had huge fight with hubby so had a beer and that led to two.   Running tomorrow will be interesting.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


So got up this morning and cooked breakfast. I know, i know, me cook right?  I am determined to get my nutrition straight and in the process maybe help my hubby get back on track.  We were instructed to eat more protein so I scrambled 4 eggs (2 for each of us) using Pam in the pan instead of butter (like my hubby) and fried up four strips of bacon (2 for each of us).  Also had bananas but they were not ripe enough so i made it through half of mine before i gave up.  This will be interesting going running this morning as I don't usually run with this full of a tummy.  Might have to run over my lunch break instead.  Will update later:)

Breakfast-two eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of bacon, half of a banana, diet coke

Update:  Just got done running.  Was suppose to do a 50 minute hill run which turned into a 30 minute hill run and a sprint back to my side of town (seriously, made it to my side of town in 8 minutes) to get to the bathroom.  I am sad because it was probably the best run I have had in a long time, however, my stomach said go and so i went.  Need to figure out a better schedule with eating and running.  Have been running later in the day but we were suppose to have 40 mph winds later on today so had to change plans and run this morning.  Weather was gorgeous!  Is it sad to say that I kind of like doing rolling hill work?  Wamego is beautiful on the west side of town with the big houses and i think i don't pay as much attention to time because I am looking at each and every one of them and not my watch.  

Lunch-Protein shake (chocolate that tony bought and they are disgusting:(), an apple and twelve almonds.  I was amazed that I was not hungry until 12ish.  I usually am dying by 10:30 am.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


No running scheduled for today

Breakfast: granola bar-trail mix nut and chocolate, diet coke
Lunch-3 inch chicken salad on wheat and small bag of baked lays chips.  Some sort of small cookie that one of my students brought in that tasted like gingerbread and had some chocolate on it.  Dr. pepper

Snack-quarter cup of trail mix.  Wasn't sure if I was going to have time for dinner, probably didn't need this as I did have time for dinner.

Dinner-a little bit less than a cup of a casserole my hubby made that had potatoes, green beans, onions, ground beef, cheese, and cream of mushroom soup in it.  I think this was a that was all we had in the cabinet meal.  I also had a beer.  Not sure why, didn't really want it, just habit i guess.  Had an apple and a little piece of babybel cheese for dessert.   After dinner and after I taught class, i had 20 pieces of candy corn.  I also had several glasses of water tonight.  I am getting back in the habit of water drinking which is a good thing.  I actually craved it today and tonight.

50 minutes of hills tomorrow EEEEKKKKKK!  Am going to try and cook eggs and bacon and have a banana before I run.  not sure how my tummy is going to handle this and running but it is worth a try.  Will be camping the rest of the weekend so not going to be blogging.  Am really roughing it, only bringing protein shakes, protein bars and trial mix

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Running schedule was 8-10 50 yd dashes today with a 10-15 minute warm up and cool down.  Ran for 10 nice and easy and walked back up hill in the wind for a nice easy warm up.  Ran 9 50 yd dashes, most in the 9.5-9.85 range.  Cooled out with a 10 minute jog and then hiked up a nice steep hill and walked back down.  Beautiful evening!  Had a stitch during warming up, have no clue why, managed to get through it.

Breakfast: Kashi bar and diet coke.  Looked at the hard boiled egg, just couldn't do it.  My stomach doesn' t seem to handle lots of food early in the morning.

Lunch: Salsarita's- a knock off of chipotle.  Had a burrito bowl with steak, sour cream, corn salsa, and cheese.  Ate half of it.  Also had an order of chips of which probably ate 10-15 with some queso.   Immediately got indigestion thanks to the onions in the salsa.  Went and got a small mocha latte as I think the steamed milk calms my indigestion.  Mid afternoon had an apple and a little mini wheel of the babybel cheese. Had half of a diet dr. pepper with my lunch  

Dinner: A PBandJ sandwich on wheat bread.  2 tablespoons of PB and 2 tablespoons of jelly(welch's low sugar jelly).

After dinner: a decaf coffee with a little bit of sweetner


Had a 50 minute run scheduled for today on flat easy road.  I decided to run before my agility classes.  It was warm (90 degrees) with a very stiff wind.  I set out directly into the wind as that is where my path took me.  There were small hills but going I was going all down hill.  When I headed back, I had the wind at my back but was going uphill.  At about 43 minutes, I felt very bad, had the hot chills and did not feel good at all and had to stop.  I had to sit down which is weird. I felt like I was pacing myself accordingly but i guess I was working harder than I thought.  I ended up running about 4.2 miles in about 43 minutes so even though I thought I was going slow, I was still at my normal 10 minute mile pace.  Funny how my body is bound and determined to keep this pace no matter what.  I ended up drinking 8 ounces of protein shake and three big glasses of ice water immediately.  It was not a fun feeling!!!!  Here is what I ate:

Breakfast-granola bar (kashi) plus diet coke
Lunch-ChickfilA chicken sandwhich, fries, dipping sauce of honeymustard
Dinner-protein shake, quarter cup of trail mix, coffee with some sweetner when I got home from class

Sunday, October 2, 2011


This has been my random blog but I am about to make it not be random.  I have been running since the beginning of the spring doing the couch to 5 K, the bridge to 10 K and now a speed program.  I am training alot and need a training log/food log.  I am seriously addicted to running now and i need to correct my nutrition to complement my running.  I will admit, it is tough.  I show dogs so am gone alot on the road and usually travel with others so have to pack smart and eat out alot.  I am hoping this blog will help me stay accountable and help me stay on track.

Running today:  Taking the day off.  Ran my first 10 K yesterday and am very sore and need a break today:)


Breakfast: Kashi TLC Dark Mocha Almond granola bar and a coke zero with vanilla

Okay so there is a festival in town called oztoberfest so my lunch is going to look crazy but it only happens once a year.

Lunch: A small cheeseburger plain.  A few bites of chili cheese fries.  A few bites of an indian taco that had chicken.  Helped my hubby drink some beer as we shared a stein.  Drank probably three beers over a course of 6 hours.

Dinner:  A couple of bites of a brat.  Two hardboiled eggs and 4 oz of V8 light.  A pumpkin/chocolate brownie.

Yeah I was super bad, but oztoberfest has come and gone and now back to my normal bad self.