Wednesday, October 5, 2011


No running scheduled for today

Breakfast: granola bar-trail mix nut and chocolate, diet coke
Lunch-3 inch chicken salad on wheat and small bag of baked lays chips.  Some sort of small cookie that one of my students brought in that tasted like gingerbread and had some chocolate on it.  Dr. pepper

Snack-quarter cup of trail mix.  Wasn't sure if I was going to have time for dinner, probably didn't need this as I did have time for dinner.

Dinner-a little bit less than a cup of a casserole my hubby made that had potatoes, green beans, onions, ground beef, cheese, and cream of mushroom soup in it.  I think this was a that was all we had in the cabinet meal.  I also had a beer.  Not sure why, didn't really want it, just habit i guess.  Had an apple and a little piece of babybel cheese for dessert.   After dinner and after I taught class, i had 20 pieces of candy corn.  I also had several glasses of water tonight.  I am getting back in the habit of water drinking which is a good thing.  I actually craved it today and tonight.

50 minutes of hills tomorrow EEEEKKKKKK!  Am going to try and cook eggs and bacon and have a banana before I run.  not sure how my tummy is going to handle this and running but it is worth a try.  Will be camping the rest of the weekend so not going to be blogging.  Am really roughing it, only bringing protein shakes, protein bars and trial mix

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