Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Had a 50 minute run scheduled for today on flat easy road.  I decided to run before my agility classes.  It was warm (90 degrees) with a very stiff wind.  I set out directly into the wind as that is where my path took me.  There were small hills but going I was going all down hill.  When I headed back, I had the wind at my back but was going uphill.  At about 43 minutes, I felt very bad, had the hot chills and did not feel good at all and had to stop.  I had to sit down which is weird. I felt like I was pacing myself accordingly but i guess I was working harder than I thought.  I ended up running about 4.2 miles in about 43 minutes so even though I thought I was going slow, I was still at my normal 10 minute mile pace.  Funny how my body is bound and determined to keep this pace no matter what.  I ended up drinking 8 ounces of protein shake and three big glasses of ice water immediately.  It was not a fun feeling!!!!  Here is what I ate:

Breakfast-granola bar (kashi) plus diet coke
Lunch-ChickfilA chicken sandwhich, fries, dipping sauce of honeymustard
Dinner-protein shake, quarter cup of trail mix, coffee with some sweetner when I got home from class

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