Saturday, October 15, 2011


Got to sleep in a little this morning.  Cat still woke me up at 3 but managed to get everyone back to bed and sleeping.  Slept till 8 am on and off thanks to my hubby not keeping the dogs down stairs while  I tried to sleep.  They played king of the mountain using me as the mountain several times.  Am going to try and run today, back feels okay.

Breakfast-2 eggs scrambled, two pieces of bacon, coffee with some creamer that taste like peppermint mocha (notice no diet coke;)

Lunch-diet pepsi;) a roast beef on sourdough with swiss cheese.  Three pretzles(the bigger chunky kind) with some hot mustard.  1 pumpkin pie doughnut from the new doughnut shop in aggieville.  It had cream cheese icing.  Delicious!!!!!

Dinner-diet sprite a very small pork chop and some asparagus.  Hubby tried cooking the asparagus with just water and sea salt and it tasted really, really good.  Had a coffee with some of that peppermint mocha after dinner to warm up.  Am freezing right now for no reason.  Did have a banana for desert to get that sweet tooth happy.

Ran today and totally bonked.  Ate at 12:30ish and tried to run at 4ish.  Apparently food wasn't digested enough or something as 1.75 miles in had a horrible stitch and had to walk a quarter of a mile.  Started again and my back starting hurting so called it quits.  Really hate zone 2 runs, never been successful with them.  Thought by running on the track, I could get a good sense of where i was time wise with my miles.  My warm up mile took me 11 minutes and my first mile of my zone 2 run had one quarter at 2.28, one quarter at 2.30, one quarter at 2.28 and then had to walk a quarter which took 4.15.  Tried to get started up again and ran a 2.14 and then my back started hurting.  As I was cooling out, my quad, which hasn't bothered me in FOREVER also started hurting.  I think I need to stay off the track.  I see this on surfaces that have more give, like alot of turf places we run with the dogs.  My body doesn't like that much give and apparently my body does not like cork tracks.  I am very disappointed as this doesn't help my mental game with zone 2 runs.  I only technically got 15 minutes of hard running in and that is about 25 minutes short of what I wanted:(

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