Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Strength training this morning YIPEE!  Haven't decided if I am going to run today or take the day off since I did sprints yesterday.  Could take today off and run tomorrow.  Anyway, I missed class.  I skip the leg stuff and just do upper body and core.  I know I will be sore since I have had two weeks off since the last class.  Dogs decided to wake me up at 4 am so I am seriously wanting to lay back down but I also am seriously craving my eggs and bacon.  Weird how my stomach now wants breakfast:)

Breakfast: a granola bar before i worked out.  After I worked out, eggs and bacon (2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon)

Lunch-3 inch chicken salad on wheat, small bag of baked lays, diet dr. pepper

Dinner- a few tortilla chips and chunky salsas.  A small mexican pizza that i made that had a tostado shell, refried beans, meat, and cheese with salsa on top.  Also one small taco with just meet and a small amount of cheese

Snacked on candy corn, maybe had 20 total.  Harley ate the entire bag while I was gone so I guess I don't have anymore to eat now:(

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