Sunday, October 9, 2011


Okay so I am trying to recreate my diet in from my head today.  I was very naughty and I stress ate alot.

Breakfast: granola bar Nature's Variety fruit and nut, diet coke
snack-handful of trail mix
lunch-two cheeseburgers from mcds, medium fries, sweet tea (the food was disgusting, not sure why i even ate it)
dinner: hubby crock potted a pork roast and cooked corn, black eyed peas, and sweet potatoes

after dinner cocktail-two beers

Didn't run today, was planning on it but was going to run when i got home.  Brakes went out on van, was super duper stressed and had huge fight with hubby so had a beer and that led to two.   Running tomorrow will be interesting.

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