Sunday, October 16, 2011


Back feels okay right now.  Am planning on running later today.  Am teaching some private lessons today so we will see how it feels afterwards.  Am going to call one of the local chiros that does ART tomorrow and see if they can get me in soon. I have one more week on my current schedule and then we will start a new schedule.  I have a vacation coming up the 28th-nov 4th so not sure if I want to run that week at all because we will be in new orleans.  May just take some of that time off:)

Breakfast-didn't have enough eggs and had 0 bacon so had to eat a granola bar and of course went back to my old ways and had a coke zero:)

Lunch-again had no time.  had a protein bar (power bar i think)

Snack- a hand full of trail mix

Dinner-beef ribs, beans that were baked, french fries, a beer

ran my 55 min flat with 8 accels today.  It went surprisingly well.  No issues except I ran too far out and had to walk back for about 30 minutes.  Was worried my hubby would be worried but football had him glued to the tv so he didn't even notice how long i had been gone:(

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