Thursday, October 6, 2011


So got up this morning and cooked breakfast. I know, i know, me cook right?  I am determined to get my nutrition straight and in the process maybe help my hubby get back on track.  We were instructed to eat more protein so I scrambled 4 eggs (2 for each of us) using Pam in the pan instead of butter (like my hubby) and fried up four strips of bacon (2 for each of us).  Also had bananas but they were not ripe enough so i made it through half of mine before i gave up.  This will be interesting going running this morning as I don't usually run with this full of a tummy.  Might have to run over my lunch break instead.  Will update later:)

Breakfast-two eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of bacon, half of a banana, diet coke

Update:  Just got done running.  Was suppose to do a 50 minute hill run which turned into a 30 minute hill run and a sprint back to my side of town (seriously, made it to my side of town in 8 minutes) to get to the bathroom.  I am sad because it was probably the best run I have had in a long time, however, my stomach said go and so i went.  Need to figure out a better schedule with eating and running.  Have been running later in the day but we were suppose to have 40 mph winds later on today so had to change plans and run this morning.  Weather was gorgeous!  Is it sad to say that I kind of like doing rolling hill work?  Wamego is beautiful on the west side of town with the big houses and i think i don't pay as much attention to time because I am looking at each and every one of them and not my watch.  

Lunch-Protein shake (chocolate that tony bought and they are disgusting:(), an apple and twelve almonds.  I was amazed that I was not hungry until 12ish.  I usually am dying by 10:30 am.

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