Monday, October 10, 2011


Was suppose to do a 55 min run today.  Toilet overflowed in upstairs bedroom and morning was a mess (literally) so had to go to work late.  Ended up having to run after I set up for class and barely had anytime so opted to do sprints today instead.

Breakfast-eggs and bacon, diet coke
Lunch-quarter cup of trail mix, 8 oz of protein shake
Dinner-more trail mix, diet sprite and a granola bar
Snack-had  little bits of candy corn all day.  Will be happy when halloween is over and this devilish delight is gone!

I teach on monday nights, three classes back to back so am busy from 5ish till 10ish.  I try to eat but i don't always get to.  Need some more portable food to take with.

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