Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why did i become a homeowner?

I think I am hitting my final straw with some things, namely our house. Don't get me wrong, I love our house but the constant flooding of various rooms is starting to get to me. I guess I am thinking ahead of if we ever move, what will we have to fix in order to be able to sell our house and make some sort of money, not loose it. We have spent probably 1000 bucks on fixing up the front yard so it has more curb appeal, but we still have so far to go. The porch is very basically put together and needs some sprucing up, namely something to cover the bare posts that hold the porch up and some decorative gravel to accentuate the walk up to the porch. I would also like to add a nice porch swing as well, but we would probably take that with us when we moved. We have added some planters but need some more permanent types as these are plastic and not the best in the world. Anyway, the two biggest issues we have right now are the leaking basement/master bedroom and the floor. I have called today to get a free estimate for new gutters as tony thinks this is the main issue with the flooding basement and part of the flooding skylight issue. Yesterday, we had a downpour that lasted for several hours and one of the south facing windows in our master bath started gushing water. It had previously been leaking but it was more of a drip, drip, not a gush, gush. We had to take down the trim and there is considerable water damage to the dry wall, window frame and of course the paint. I just decided to have a big pity party for myself so I sat down in the tub i never get to use and had myself a good old cry. Tony said the window was dry above it so we must either have another leaky skylight that is feeding into the window, or we just have a leaky roof. I hope today he will be able to get on the roof and assess the damage. I hope we can get a home loan and just get some of this fixed. I am tired of the leaky skylights and just want to rip them out. Who needs a sky light when they are laying in the tub anyway? The sky light in the bedroom hasn't leaked in a year probably but we are afraid to put the trim back in and fix the dry wall until we are sure it won't ever leak again. Tony has become good and dry wall patching so I know he can patch it and then we can re-paint, but I say rip the fuckers out. I am tired of the loud storms, the lightning shows, having to sleep downstairs when it hails, and worrying about the dry wall constantly. I am all for patching with plywood, re-insulating and putting dry wall over it. I mean, I am married to an electrician, he can put up new lights or something to compensate for the lack of light. We have many windows in the bedroom so we have plenty of natural light. The only time we need more light is at night and it is dark outside anyway so the skylight is of no help. Here is my dream: Rip out the whirlpool tub that I never use and probably won't ever use, put a claw foot tub in and a stand-up shower and get rid of the skylights and the leaky window. Wonder if I can make this dream come true? Of course all of this takes money, of which we are very low on now.