Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week two with the personal trainer

I have to report that I am having a great time working with my personal trainer. So far she has shown me many things and has taught me how to use alot of the equipment including the weight machines. I really feel like we are making great progress, not so much with weight as I haven't even weighed myself but with my fitness overall. I can tell I am already gaining strength and stamina and have moved up on the weight machines very quickly. I am still doing no-impact cardio though. I took a break last week and went and walked on the track with the dogs and my leg was killing me the next day:( I sure thought it was doing better but I guess it makes a huge difference between no impact and concrete! I also noticed that my leg was killing me on sunday, probably due to the running on the packed dirt. You wouldn't think that running for four 30-60 second runs would hurt you that much but apparently my leg is that sensitive.

I am staying with basically the same plan this week, 20 minute interval training with the elliptical or other non-impact machines (learned the rowing machine and the hand bike this week but still love the elliptical the most) and then doing the weight training circuit. I am staying away from the ab machine and the leg curl machine but doing abs on the big ball and doing all of the other leg machines. I am a little concerned that my upper body strength isn't coming along as fast as I would like but pleased with everything else. I have to admit to myself that I am 32 now and things happen differently. Urgh, the joys of getting older! The soreness seems to be getting less in duration and intensity which is nice. Getting up and not being able to walk cause I am so sore is a bitch! I only got in three times going to the gym last week and I had committed to four but one of those days, I walked two miles on the track instead of being in a gym. This week, I hope to get in four times but of course we are leaving on friday to be gone all weekend to Carthage so I will have to work out Monday-Thursday with no breaks. I know myself and I will not be able to get up and work out. I am just not motivated at all in the morning! I can also tell that my eating is mirroring my working out. I knew it would, just needed that kick start!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can light trim is in finally!

Okay so this is our new can light trim. I never even noticed the trim before but apparently this looks better. Leave it to an electrician to have specific things to change, much like can light trim and can light bulbs. Like I said, I never even noticed that they looked bad! We just ordered the new switches for all of the lights last week so they should be here probably next week. Again, I had no clue how many types of switches and dimmers there are and had no clue what the heck Decora even was before this. After this all comes in, we will probably take a break for a while and pay some stuff off. I hate to say it, but my plan of buying a little bit per paycheck didn't work because Tony took one step into the lighting store and started ordering stuff left and right. I want to go slow with this room and pay things off so after we get the switches and all of the switch plates in place, we are stopping for now. I am sure based on the sconce lighting tony picked out of the catalog, we are in for another couple of hundred dollars:( I actually haven't seen anything that I really, really like and wish we could put can lights in the lower ceiling, but tony is the wiring guru and says it has to be sconce lighting. It is so dark over there at night that I don't think sconce lighting will be enough. I may have to just trust him like I trusted him on the track lighting and see what he comes up with!