Friday, October 14, 2011


Up early this morning and a little grumpy.  We have an indoor/outdoor cat that starts transitioning to indoor during the winter.  Well, she has decided the past couple of mornings to get up around 3:30-4 am and play.  That wakes all the dogs up and of course that is when the accidents happen.  Got them all out to potty but I guess stella had to poop and when we came back up to the bedroom, she pooped twice while I was trying to get some more sleep.  Plus they play the in the bed out of the bed, in the bed out of the bed game.  URGH!  Was determined NOT to get out of bed till the alarm went off and stuck to my guns, even though i had to clean two piles of poop up.

Breakfast-two eggs scrambled, two pieces of bacon and gulp coke zero with vanilla:)
Lunch-a chicken bacon panini with some swiss cheese. I did eat a few chips.  Diet pepsi
Dinner-a few bites of pulled pork, one chicken wing and one chicken leg.  Some sort of mac and cheese.  A little tiny candy bar that tony bought for halloween candy.  I had a beer but only drank a few sips.  Just not feeling it tonight, think it is more habit.

Today's run is the zone two run.  I really struggle with this run and think maybe the most i have ever been able to really stay in zone 2 is 25 minutes.  Today i have to do 40 minutes of zone 2 running.  I think this is a mental issue that i just need to get over.

Update-did not run tonight.  Back started spasms this morning.  Iced all day when I was sitting.  Got home thinking it was better and as soon as I did stuff in the backyard, it started again.  Iced and advil tonight.  If it is still bothering me tomorrow, will go to my chiro and get it worked on. I am sure it is due to stress, had to deal with a very stressful situation last night.

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