Thursday, October 13, 2011


Strength training class this morning was awesome as usual!  Very sore from tuesday, pecs were burning yesterday as I was running.  I LOVE class though!

Breakfast-a granola bar before working out and eggs and bacon post work out, coke zero with vanilla

Lunch-a small bowl of mushroom stroganoff with beef mixed in and a small bowl of tomato bisque soup, diet coke with lemon

Dinner-half of a lettuce salad that had maybe a sprinkling of cheese.  Dipped my fork in salad dressing (ranch) maybe a couple of times for taste.  Ate half of a rib eye (12 oz), lean but did have quite a few steak fries and dipped them in the leftover ranch:(  Habits are hard to break!!!!!  Did have a beer but only one.

Did 55 minutes of hills tonight and felt GREAT!

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